Solutions Consignment Management

Automate Your Consignment Life-Cycle

Our web-based system eliminates the tedious and error-prone manual processes of consignment inventory management while promoting efficiency and offering superior visibility of your vendor-managed inventory. Suppliers get the advantage of real-time visibility of customer inventories, usage processing and shipment receipts, which leads to better inventory control, fewer stock outs, and faster replenishment and payment cycles. End-customers get the time-saving benefits of simplified usage processing and re-ordering while adding more value through reporting and visibility tools.

Key Features

  • Simple browser (or integrated internal system) for customers to easily process product usage & requisitions
  • Direct electronic communication with the Supplier - no more phone/fax orders
  • Product traceability and auditing down to the serial #
  • Vendor-agnostic design allows customers to manage multiple supplier relationships in a single web-based system
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