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Complete Order-to-Cash Management

ThoughtSpeed™'s web-based Order-to-Cash solution, eHealthSys™, lets organizations dramatically reduce their costs of taking and fulfilling orders while simultaneously improving customer service and adding value for their end customers through the use of superior technology. It does so by consolidating the key processes of order capture, inventory, customer and product management, fulfillment, invoicing and real-time reporting all in one secure online portal.

Over 800+ hospitals in Canada currently use eHealthSys™ for processing their consolidated pharmaceutical orders from 20+ globally recognized manufacturers. The platform is also deployed for processing orders in the office supply, consumer packaged goods, and third-party logistics sectors.

Validate account status prior to confirming each order. Branded invoices are automatically populated from every order received with no extra steps required and visibility of your incoming payments is seamlessly integrated.

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Key Features

  • Complex, overlapping pricing scenarios triggered by time, account, volume, or region-based logic
  • Paperless, compliant, and fully secure user authentication for controlled substance ordering
  • Multiple language options supported
  • Integrated demand planning and product allocation controls
  • Intricate product/sales controls and sophisticated business rule definitions
  • Tightly integrated real-time business intelligence & analytics
  • Accounts receivable visibility and auditing tools
  • Intelligent order processing eliminates inbound order errors and time wasted on manual corrections which drives order fulfillment efficiency and results in invoices being paid faster